14 Valentines Day Stay At Home Date Ideas Your Partner Will Never Forget

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Valentines day 2024 is just around the corner, and even though our partners will be cool with sweet greetings, it’s never too late to plan a date for this special day.

There’s one problem, though — the pandemic. Unfortunately, it will be impractical and unsafe if we go outside to eat or hang out. Hence, the best option would be to think of at-home Valentines Day ideas.

Apart from being a safe choice, it’s also budget-friendly. You will also have more time on your hands. Not to mention, there will also be fewer restrictions since you won’t have to deal with an establishment’s do’s and don’ts.

For those who don’t know how to spend the long-awaited Valentine’s Day yet, we have listed some of the best activities in this Valentine's Day Special article. We also provided some ideas with Comfee if you want a more fun way to spend the day. Feel free to browse and choose your ideal Valentines Day ideas below.

Ideas for Entertainment Time

You don’t have to choose between romantic yet boring or fun but plain for Valentine's Day. With the right plans and mindset, you can make the day special by making the event both entertaining and heart-filled.

For reference, here are some ideas that you can consider:

1.Hold a Cosplay Night

A cosplay night can be done, no matter if you have a large budget or not. Plan out the characters you want to be, pretend that you’re in a catwalk, and show off your costumes. This will be fun for couples that are into animes and games.

To spend more time with each other, you can also consider making your clothes on your own. Shop for fabric and materials together, and learn sewing through Youtube and other resources. Your outfits don’t necessarily have to be perfect.

2.Organize Fun Photoshoots and Video Taking

Couples who like fashion and media will enjoy organizing photo and video shoots together. This is a fun and memorable way to ensure that you won’t forget this year’s Valentine’s Day even after a long time. Here, you will just need a phone, maybe a tripod, but this is not required. Just take pictures and videos, and the day will surely exceed your expectations even if you don’t go out.

A girl with a camera to shoot another girl with two glasses of wine

3.Plan a Romantic Movie Night

If you’re more of a chill couple rather than a busy body, then a romantic movie night is one of the best ways you can do for Valentine’s. You can either rent physical CDs or tune in to online film and television platform. You can stick to your favorite movies or spice them up by being critics of newly-released ones. It will all be up to you and your partner.

4.Dance the Day Away

Dancing is a fun and romantic way to end the night with your special someone. We’re sure that both of you will appreciate the time even if one or both of you have two left feet. You can groove to the latest pop dances or treat the day like prom through a slow dance. Actually, why not do both? Just blast your speakers and dance Valentine’s Day away.

Ideas for Breakfast and Dinner Time

Of course, your Valentine’s Day 2024 won’t be enough if you skip eating with your partner. As they say, a full stomach is a whole heart, so it’s just right that you spend some time together over a scrumptious meal.

Below are some things that you can do:

1.Enjoy a Fondue for Two

No matter the flavor, fondue is a go-to for every Valentine’s Day. You can order online for a fondue for two or make your own fondue board together. To do this, you just need to prepare the fondue dip of your choice, add bread, chips, sweets, and whatever you and your partner want to eat.

happy woman in a kitchen with flour on her face playfully shoving baking dough into a mans face

2.Cook a New Dish Together

You also have the choice to cook a new dish together. This is a much better option than simply ordering foods and drinks online.

If both of you are not skilled in cooking, then you can always use Comfee Multi-Functional Electric Skillets. Because of its versatility, you can expect this to be best even for beginners. Not only that, but it will also fit stews, fried and grilled dishes, salads, and more.

You can check our recipe list if you want recommendations. All the necessary instructions are written clearly, so you can expect the cooking tasks to come off easier.

3.Challenge Each Other to a Cook-Off

To liven up both your competitive spirit and enhance your cooking skills at the same time, you can treat Valentine’s Day 2024 as a cook-off day using only the Comfee Air Fryer for cooking and baking.

Challenge each other and be each other’s critics at the end of the day. In this way, you can spend time before, during, and after eating, which is a plus for our loving couples out there.

  • Mukbang Time

Mukbang, a term usually used in eating videos on Youtube and other social networking sites, is not only limited to vloggers. This can also be a good way to bond with your partner during Valentine’s Day and get to know each other more over food. You may need quite a bigger budget because you’ll need a lot of dishes, but it’s favorable if both you and your significant other love eating.

If you’re against mukbang mainly because of the tedious dishwashing job that comes with it, then there’s Comfee Dishwasher. Avail of this before the even to save yourself from the hassle.

  • Have an Indoor Picnic

If you have a garden, a front, or a backyard, then make use of it by organizing an indoor picnic for the day. A simple blanket along with your favorite foods will already do the trick for an enjoyable and memorable day. Like the others, you can also cook your own preparations to save even more money.

Ideas for Relaxing Time

Spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other doesn’t have to require a lot of work. It can also be a day filled with relaxation, and there’s no better way than to share this kind of peace.

Here are some relaxing at-home Valentine’s Day ideas:

1.Create an At-Home Spa

One of the best ways to relax with your partner is by creating an at-home spa. With simple and readily available materials like scented candles, face masks, and maybe even a bathtub, you can enjoy having a clear mind throughout the day. Free yourself and your partner from all the worries of the outside world and focus on rebuilding and strengthening your relationship with each other.

a woman enjoying a bath while reading a book

2.Offer a Relaxing Massage to Each Other

Apart from a spa, opting to take turns in giving each other a relaxing massage is also a good option. This activity needs fewer preparations than organizing a whole home spa but offers the same amount of relaxation and bond-building opportunities.

3.Go Wine Tasting

Go and head on to taste variants of wines through the Comfee Tea Kettle. This will allow you to take in the wine slowly and warmly and have more time with your significant other.

Similarly, you can also make a simple wine using our mulled wine recipe. It makes Valentine's Day much more special, especially if you make the wine together with your partner. It can be a good date-ender since this warm alcohol effectively brings a cozy, good night's sleep rather than a tiring hangover.

4.Ask Each Other Questions

If you’re still on the getting-to-know stage with your significant other, then simply laying around and asking each other questions is also a good way to spend the whole Valentine’s Day. You can also do it over a drink or a quick snack. Either way, this won’t require you to spend any money. Most of all, it’s an ideal opportunity to fully get to know your partner and your relationship’s current progress.


If you or your partner has a rooftop or a private backyard that you can spend the night on, then stargazing is a must-do. Like the classic, this can be an activity to end Valentine’s Day with. However, the better option would be doing this as a welcoming activity for the event. This means staying up until the holiday’s midnight and gazing at the love-filled sky in front of your eyes.


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