How to Clean the Inside of Electric Kettles

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Now that you’ve purchased a kettle (or are considering purchasing electric kettles), you’ll need to know how to keep tea kettles clean. By maintaining your kettle, you can help extend its life!

Why We Need to Clean Kettles

As you use kettles, they build up kettle scale. Kettle scale is minerals that naturally occur in water. When boiling the water, the minerals get left behind, creating a white buildup inside the kettle. If you'd don't use a kettle scale remover, this buildup can cause your kettle not to work properly.

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How Often to Clean

It's important to clean the kettle at least once three months (depending on how often you use it and the water quality, like soft or hard water). Daily cleaning, including wiping the kettle with a soft cloth, is also great for extending the appliance's life.

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There are some cleaning tips that will have your electric kettle clean and ready to use in no time!

  • Use Vinegar to Clean

Mix 1-part white vinegar and 3 parts water. Add the liquids to your kettle and boil for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse to ensure the kettle scale vinegar mixture is completely gone.

  • Clean With Lemon Juice or Citric Acid

Alternatively, you can use a tablespoon of lemon juice or citric acid for kettle cleaning. Fill the water to one of the top lines, and let it boil for a few minutes. The lemon juice will provide a pleasant clean smell as the water boils. Plus, these ingredients help sanitize the inside of the kettle.

  • Baking Soda as an Alternative

Like lemon juice, you can use baking soda to clean the kettle. Use one tablespoon and fill the kettle with water, then boil for 20 minutes. Make sure to rinse it out completely when you're done, so it doesn't retain the taste of baking soda.

Steps to clean the kettle

And, don't worry, none of these tips will damage your water bottle, nor will it affect your health.

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