How to Use a Dishwasher (Plus Tips to Extend its Life!)

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If you're wondering about proper care for your home dishwasher, read the dishwasher use guide below. This guide covers how to use a dishwasher with notes on protecting it and extending its life.

What do you need to pay attention to, and why?

The below notes will help you protect your dishwasher. Following the advice below, you can avoid actions that ruin a dishwasher. These notes apply to various dishwashers, including a countertop dishwasher or a mini dishwasher, like the Comfee dishwasher.

  • Scrape the plate—but don't rinse it.

Although you don't need to scrape the plate, it will help keep your dishwasher up to par in the long run. Larger pieces of food can get stuck in the dishwasher or the drain hose. These bits can also tear up other dishwasher parts, like the filter or pump. Rinsing your plate is unnecessary, as the dishwasher can handle any food residue once you've scraped the plate.

Scraping the plate will also help keep your Comfee dishwasher cleaner for longer!

  • Don’t Overload

If you overload the dishwasher, you won’t have clean dishes after the cycle completes. It’s necessary to ensure there is enough space between your dishes, so they get properly cleaned. Otherwise, you may have to run the dishwasher a few times to clean the dishes thoroughly. Then, you're wasting water unnecessarily and wearing out the dishwasher.

Clean dishes and cups in the dishwasher

  • Use Dishwasher Detergent

Don’t use regular dish soap in the dishwasher, as it can cause a mess and potentially damage the dishwasher. Dishwasher detergent is specially made for a regular or compact dishwasher.

  • Dishes only—don’t wash anything else.

You'll keep the integrity of your dishwasher intact by only washing dishes. Many items, like kitchen knives, should not be put in a dishwasher, as they can damage the dishwasher parts. Even some dishwasher-safe items may not be ideal for cleaning in your dishwasher. By only washing dishes, you’re ensuring there is nothing inside the dishwasher that can damage the appliance.


Remember the above tips when using a dishwasher; your appliance should last longer than expected!

Don’t have space for a standard dishwasher? Try using a countertop portable dishwasher to save space. The Comfee dishwasher is a great option, with a built-in water tank and rapid wash abilities. It can even wash delicate glasses, like wine glasses. Or, use it to clean your produce after a grocery haul! You can find more information on the Mini Dishwasher on the website.

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