Best Healthy Food to Help You Lose Weight

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Changing weather can mean less motivation to exercise and eat healthily. These healthy food options and tips will ensure you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether you wish to lose or maintain weight.

How to Maintain a Healthy and Fit Body?

The best way to maintain a healthy and fit body is by combining regular exercise with nutritious food choices. When selecting food for a healthy lifestyle, it’s necessary to ensure you are getting enough nutrients, such as protein. Fiber is also important, as it helps you stay full for longer and aids in keeping you regular.

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Healthy Lifestyle Suggestions

The lifestyle suggestions below will ensure you meet your nutritional needs and feel your best. You can use these suggestions regardless of your weight goal, which may be to control weight or to add more lose weight foods to your diet. You can include these foods and tips during the holiday season to help balance out the heavier food eaten during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other winter holidays.

  • Eat More Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 

Adding more fresh produce is always an excellent idea, especially when considering how to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories yet rich in nutrients. While fruit does have natural sugar, it has a good amount of fiber which leads to a slow release of this sugar. Aka, it won't spike your blood sugar levels when consumed. 

Reach for fresh fruit and veggies instead of items packed with artificial sugar, such as candy bars and other processed foods. 

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  • Pump Up Protein 

Protein is necessary for a healthy diet, as it helps you stay full longer. It also helps you fill up during mealtime more quickly. If you aren't eating enough protein, you'll be more tempted to reach for foods that will not help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.


  • Eat Healthier Meat 

While it is important to ensure sufficient protein is in your diet, the type of protein also matters. Aim for lean protein, such as lower-fat beef, fish, chicken breast, turkey, or tofu. These types of protein are lower in calories yet still pack a punch with the amount of protein they offer.

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You can also keep your protein dishes lower in calories by using an air fryer that requires less cooking oil. This Digital Air Fryer is perfect for small spaces and can help you on your health journey.

  • Reduce Intake of Ultra-processed Carbs and Sweets

It's best to avoid or minimize highly processed foods, as they are high in calories and low in fiber. That means the foods will process through your system quickly, and you'll be hungry in no time. This can cause you to eat more calories than your body needs. Processed foods include items like chips, baked goods, and sugary drinks.

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  • Drink More Water Instead of Sugary Drinks

It can be tempting to reach for a soda, slushie, or other sugary drink when you’re tired or having a sweet craving. While delicious, these drinks are packed with sugar and calories yet don’t offer any nutritional value. Instead, opt for water to help you stay hydrated and healthy.

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  • Healthy High-fat Foods

Healthy high-fat foods include nuts, cheese, avocados, and olive oil. They're great in moderation and packed with fiber and protein. Eating healthy high-fat foods can promote heart health and keep you satiated.

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  • Healthy Regular Meal Plan

Setting a regular meal plan which includes healthy foods, is a great way to stay on track. Getting your body used to a healthy meal schedule can help curb cravings as you won't be dealing with blood sugar drops. 

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  • Proper Exercise

While proper exercise is a great way to help control weight, it’s also important for your physical and mental health. Regular exercise has many benefits, including helping reduce the risk of diseases, strengthening your muscles, boosting energy, and improving your mood. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to stay healthy. 

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