7 Decorating Ideas for a Warm, Small Kitchen

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Whether you have a dorm room kitchen or a small home or apartment kitchen, one thing is for certain— it’s easy for things to feel cramped! While searching for kitchen decorating ideas, the last thing you want is for your kitchen to start feeling cluttered and unorganized.

Our Comfee Product are cost-effective and designed to make any small kitchen decoration task a success. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! Here are our top small kitchen decoration ideas to help you transform your space into the warm and inviting atmosphere you desire. 

Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen decorations and appliances that don’t cause disorganization or clutter can be difficult to find! Furthermore, it can be even harder to locate items that fit your specific style and preference. These tips are helpful for both students who are back to school dorm room essentials shopping or even homeowners who need decoration ideas for their small kitchens! 

  • Use Color

Brighten up your small space through the use of color! Whether you enjoy pastels or even vibrant shades, choosing appliances that match your taste is a great way to rejuvenate your space. 

This Red Mini Refrigerator and matching Red Metro Microwave Oven are perfect to give your small kitchen that “something extra” without overcrowding your countertops! 

  • Add a Rug

Nothing will make your small kitchen feel cozier than a plush area rug! Bring comfort to your feet as you cook by choosing an area rug that matches the color scheme and vibes of your kitchen.

mini kitchen

  • Focus on Comfort

Warm lighting, comfortable chairs, and a table at the right height are all ways to add extra comfort to your small kitchen. With each furniture or lighting decision you make, keep the comfort of you, your friends, and your family in mind.

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  • Include Decor

Oftentimes, people think that less is more when it comes to decorating small spaces. We disagree! Don’t shy away from geometric wallpaper or decals, plants, or even decorative paintings to draw interest to your space.

a variety of vegetation in the corner

  • Clear Countertops

While some appliances on the countertops are unavoidable, try to implement open shelving as much as possible in your small kitchen or dorm room. This way, you are keeping your space as open and clear as possible to reduce the chances of your space feeling jumbled.

  • Efficient Storage

If you run out of cabinet or shelving space, you can always opt for rolling storage carts or even additional shelves to maximize the space you do have! Try to reduce the number of times sitting around on your countertops that may draw the eye away from your beautiful decor.

white shelves

Aesthetic Appliances/Utensils

Pretty cutlery and visually-pleasing appliances work wonders to help decorate and spruce up small kitchen spaces! Items such as this Green Retro Microwave Oven or even the same product in Cream serve a purpose while adding to the style of the fun atmosphere of the space. Why choose boring appliances that may drag down your vibe when you can make your appliances double as decor?!

microwave oven with foods

Make Your Small Kitchen Your Own

From mini refrigerators to countertop dishwashers, Comfee' has all of the dorm room or kitchen essentials you need! Our items are created just for the stylish shoppers out there seeking functional household appliances that are also pleasing to the eye. Shop our products for our full range of trendy appliance options! 

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