Best Food for Fitness: High Protein Meats and Fish

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Starting a new workout at the gym, yet not sure about the best food for fitness? Continue reading to learn about a few high-protein foods which can help you build muscle mass!

  • Fish

Fish is an excellent option for high-protein meals. Depending on the type of fish you select, you'll encounter different benefits. Fatty fish contain omega-3s, which are known to help with heart health. However, they have more calories than leaner fish types, so it's important not to overdo it with fatty fish during the week when following a build-muscle food plan.

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Certain fish are high in mercury, which is a harmful toxin. It's best to avoid or minimize eating certain fish high in toxins, such as ahi tuna and king mackerel. Generally, smaller fish are lower in toxin levels, so aim for options like sardines. These fish pack a punch of flavor and are more sustainable as they reproduce quickly.

Try this recipe for Baked Salmon to help you maintain a higher protein level.

  • Chicken

Chicken is one of the best gym foods, especially if you consume white meat. The white meat of chicken (such as chicken breast) is high in calories and low in fat. If possible, skip eating the skin on the chicken. Chicken skin is high in fat and calories and doesn't add much nutritional value. Plus, there are other healthier options for adding fats to your diet, such as cooking food with a little olive oil.

baked chicken breast

Here’s a delicious recipe for Baked Chicken that you can add to your weekly recipes.

  • Beef

Beef is a type of red meat which has many nutrients. However, it also has a high level of fat. To get the most out of beef recipes, look for cuts of beef that are lower in fat, such as top sirloin steak, bottom round roast, and eye of round roast.


The type of beef you eat also alters the fat content. For example, grass-fed beef has less fat when comparing grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef. It also has a higher level of omega-3s.

Check out this flavorful Beef Stew recipe for weekly dinners! You can also use other lean meats, such as turkey and pork, in this recipe, as they're great for building muscle.

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