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Apple Yogurt Cake

apple yogurt cake

Do you want to try a quick and easy dessert without oven? Use your multi-functional COMFEE’ 6 Quart Pressure Cooker to make a delicious Apple Yogurt Cake.🤟 


  • Eggs  2
  • Low-gluten flour  150g
  • Caster sugar  40g
  • Corn oil  40g
  • Yogurt  40g
  • Apple  1
  • Almond slices  20g
  • White chocolcte  10g
apple yogurt cake mixture being cooked in a pressure cooker


  1. Clean the apple, peel and slice it (soak it in brine to prevent oxidation);
  2. Beat eggs into a bowl and add sugar;
  3. Use high speed egg beater to beat;
  4. Beat the eggs till the eggs can erect a small sharp corner and finish;
  5. Sift in low gluten flour. To avoid defoaming it can be sieved in several times. Mix well by stirring;
  6. Mix yogurt and corn oil wet;
  7. Take a small part of the egg paste into the liquid of yogurt and oil mix well;
  8. Pour the egg paste back into the bowl and mix well;
  9. The cake paste is poured into the inner liner of the electric pressure cooker, and a damp cloth is laid under the bottom of the inner liner to prevent vibration;
  10. Put the apple slices on the surface of the cake paste;
  11. Load them into the electric pressure cooker and select the ' bake ' function for 40 minutes;
  12. Release the pressure.


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