You Probably Need More Vitamin D This Winter – Here’s Why

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Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that humans need to thrive; it helps keep us physically healthy, boosts mental health, and is important for fighting off infections. During the winter, more people suffer Vitamin D deficiencies due to lack of sunlight and diet changes, but Vitamin D in the winter is crucial to overall health. If you’ve found yourself googling, “How to get Vitamin D in the winter?” Stop right here.

Vitamin D and Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the strongest sources of Vitamin D; when you spend time catching rays, this essential vitamin can be absorbed directly through your skin, without any effort from you. Walking is a great way to get Vitamin D in the winter, so bundle up and get outside as much as you can.

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Vitamin D and Winter

As days get shorter and colder, people spend less time outside, and thus, access to Vitamin D in the winter usually drops. This time of year also makes it more difficult to absorb Vitamin D.

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The winter is when we get sick the most. Cold and flu season can run rampant, and our immune systems have to be up to the task of fighting off those illnesses, but without proper Vitamin D levels, our immune systems are weaker and less resistant to health issues. Many people also suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which can be exacerbated by a lower Vitamin D level.

Who is Vulnerable to Vitamin D Deficiencies?

All around the world, Vitamin D deficiencies are incredibly common. While this deficiency usually impacts those older than 65 or people with darker skin, anyone can suffer from it. Infants, children, and adults of all ages can struggle with keeping Vitamin D levels up, but luckily, sunlight isn’t the only way to get your daily dose.

The woman stroked her forehead with difficulty.

Preventing Vitamin D Deficiency

If you’re worried about Vitamin D deficiency, try to incorporate one (or a few!) of the following:

  • Exercise Outdoors
  • Eat foods with Vitamin D like salmon or tuna
  • Take Vitamin D supplements

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If you’ve been feeling “off” in any way, you can get your Vitamin D levels tested to see if you need to support your health with specific foods or supplements.

Essential Products You Need to Get Vitamin D

Investing in the right supplements or outdoor workout gear can be a great start on your journey to stabilizing your Vitamin D levels. But, if you’re looking to cook a bit more mindfully, consider using some of Comfee’s products like our Retro Air Fryer Toaster Oven to perfect your salmon. Our Electric Induction Cooktop has a custom temperature setting if you’re more of a pan-fried salmon lover.

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Investing in your health now can pay off in the long run, and Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins out there, yet so many people experience Vitamin D deficiency. At Comfee, we are committed to making healthier lives more affordable through our stylish, functional line of kitchen appliances.

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