Why You Should Get the Comfee Dishwasher (A Countertop Dishwasher Recommendation)

mini dishwasher on the table

If you’re considering purchasing a home dishwasher, the Comfee dishwasher is a great option. This compact dishwasher fits right on your countertop, and you can store it in a cabinet when not in use.

About Comfee Dishwasher

There are many benefits to using this mini dishwasher! Here are some of the top reasons for using a Comfee dishwasher.

  • Compact design (fits 30+ different types of items)

Although the design is compact, you can fit 30 different kinds of items within this mini dishwasher. That means you can wash many dishes without investing in a more expensive full-sized dishwasher. The compact design fits many spaces, from dorm rooms to smaller kitchens and RVs.

comfee dishwasher with various dishes inside it
  • Installation Free, Easy to Use

There's no high installation for this appliance. Instead, this countertop portable dishwasher arrives ready to use. You can pour water directly into the machine, and it's ready to go.

Someone pours water into the dishwasher
  • Hi-Temp Steam

The best way to ensure your dishes are spotless is by selecting a dishwasher that reaches temperatures over 140℉. This water temperature can sanitize dishes, ensuring you have clean plates and utensils for use. The hi-temp steam reaches the impressive temperature of 192℉.

feature of mini dishwasher
  • 1/3 of Water Consumption

You also cut your water consumption by about 1/3 when using this dishwasher instead of hand washing your items. Typically, hand washing uses about 15L. The Comfee dishwasher uses 5L for each wash cycle.

Water usage between dishwasher and hand washing
  • 20 mins Fruit wash

This dishwasher is versatile; you can even use it for a thorough fruit rinse. Now, you can ensure that your fruit is sanitized before consuming it.

wash fruit by using mini dishwasher

How to use Comfee Dishwasher

This section will guide you through a few simple steps, so you can start using your dishwasher asap.

  • Add Water (Manually and Direct Water Hook Up)

First, press the power button. Then, you can either add water manually or use a direct hookup and link it to your kitchen sink. If you're filling the water manually, ensure you pour it into the tank. The machine will beep briefly when the tank is full.

  • Put the dish In (Pay attention to something you need to avoid)

After cleaning large debris off your dishes, you can start loading. Begin with larger dishes first and move from the sides to the center. Tilt your silverware to the side when loading. Be sure to keep the dirty side of the plates toward the spray arm. Avoid blocking this arm; otherwise, the machine cannot properly clean the dishes.

  • Choose Clean Mode

Finally, select the correct cleaning mode for your dishes! You can choose from the following: normal, rapid, steam, fruit, or glass. For drying, you can select airfresh mode for extra drying.

Is the Comfee dishwasher set right for you?

The Comfee dishwasher is ideal for a large group of people. You can set up your dishwasher without issue if you have a smaller space, such as an apartment, dorm, boat, camper, or kitchen.

It's a great tool for single people who only cook for themselves throughout the week. It's also great for couples or small families. Those with babies can take advantage of the hi-temp steam to thoroughly clean baby bottles.

Where to buy a Comfee Dishwasher?

You can find the 5L Mini Dishwasher from Comfee on the website directly. Or, you can check it out on Amazon! Either option will allow you to purchase the appliance and have it delivered right to your door.

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