Why is Everyone Talking About Quitting Sugar?

a box of macarons, the box says quit sugar

Anything in excess is bad, and sugar is no different. This sweet carbohydrate can feel almost addictive – after all, it releases dopamine in the brain for many people, triggering a happy response when consumed. While there’s no secret that a scoop of ice cream can make a bad day a bit less bad, sugar can wreak havoc on your health if consumed too often.

It’s important to keep in mind that sugar can be naturally occurring and found in your favorite fruits, but it can also be added to chocolate, candy, sodas, and more. Sugar found in your fruit is different than added sugar, and it’s the added sugar you really need to watch out for. Sugar can also change how your body looks, with effects ranging from weight gain to acne. Women and girls all over the world have worked diligently to reverse the impact too much sugar has had on them physically and mentally, but when they do, it’s worth it. However, excess sugar can cause health issues beyond what you look like, so quitting sugar is a great way to achieve overall health.

Why do we need to quit sugar?

If you’re trying to quit sugar, you’re not alone. Not only can the “empty calories” in added sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and other health problems, but sugar can cause issues for your skin, teeth, gut, and more. When you aren’t happy with how your body looks and you’re unsure why you feel so yucky all the time, assess how much sugar you’re eating on a regular basis – it’s often the culprit. Since it tastes so delicious, quitting can feel impossible, but the benefits of quitting sugar are amazing:

  • Look Good, Feel Good

When you quit sugar, you’ll likely lose weight and notice a reduction in the frequency and severity of acne that you have. Both of these challenges can be a hit to confidence, so by taking sugar out of your diet, you’ll look good and feel even better.

a woman stroking her cheek in the mirror

  • Improved Oral Health

Those cavities your dentist is always droning on and on about – those are usually caused by excess sugar. Letting sugar sit in your mouth and eating it often can lead to cavities like you’ve never seen. Less sugar, fewer cavities, and better oral health.

a woman shows her teeth in the mirror

  • Blood Sugar Regulation

Every time you eat sugar, your blood sugar spikes. If your body sees too many of these spikes, it could cause long-term damage and lead to complex health issues like diabetes.

the woman is pouring the medicine, next to the blood sugar test kit

  • Better Heart Health

Added sugars have been linked to heart disease time and time again. Even if your weight is within a healthy range, these sugars can put undue stress on your heart.

nurse holding a heart

How to quit sugar in a healthy way?

When you’ve decided it’s time to quit sugar, the journey can be complicated. Cravings can cross your mind throughout the day, and it can be difficult to maintain your goals. But, with a quitting sugar timeline and an understanding of the benefits, things might get easier. Try quitting sugar for a week to see how you feel or start by swapping one unhealthy treat out for fruit or a natural smoothie. With Comfee’s Personal Blender, these smoothies are as easy as pie to make – pun intended.

the woman holds the blender with one hand and presses the switch with the other hand

Since sugar can impact how you look physically by adding extra pounds in unwanted places and increasing acne all over your body, its negative effect can lead to lower confidence, too. When you get your picture taken or suntan on the beach, your confidence will radiate from the benefits of quitting sugar.  Whether you’re trying to get bikini-body ready, get rid of that pesky face acne, or simply enjoy the other health benefits that come with reducing your sugar intake, this is the right place to start.

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