What's the Difference Between White Meat and Red Meat?

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When trying to achieve a healthy, fit lifestyle, consuming the right foods can be important to reaching your goals. That's why it's important to know the difference between white meat and red meat. 

Continue reading to learn more about these types of protein, from what they are to their differences.

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What Is White Meat?

To put it simply, white meat consists of fish, poultry, or foul. You can tell a protein is white meat due to its lighter color before and after cooking (think chicken, tilapia, etc.). Some animals have light and dark meat. For example, chicken breast is white meat, while chicken drumsticks are dark meat.

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Nutrition of White Meat

White meat is a great way to include lean protein in your diet. It also contains many vitamins, such as B2 and B6. It also has many health benefits, such as helping maintain bone health. Additionally, white meat can help keep your heart healthy.

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What Is Red Meat?

Red meat comes from adult and gamey mammals. For example, beef, pork, goat, and horse fall under red meat. A good way to decipher if you have red meat in your kitchen is whether it begins as a red color and turns darker once cooked.

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Nutrition of Red Meat

Red meat is also an excellent source of protein. It's also packed with B vitamins, iron, and zinc. Sufficient zinc is essential, as this mineral helps build muscle mass and keeps the immune system strong. Getting enough iron in your diet is essential, as an iron deficiency can cause issues like low energy.

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White Meat vs. Red Meat

One major difference between red and white meat is the fat content found in each. Red meat is known for having a much higher fat content than white meat. Too much red meat can cause issues with heart health. However, red meat has more nutrients than white meat.

Ultimately, it's best to include white and red meat in your diet. Enjoying both types of protein in your diet will lead to a sufficient protein intake. When searching for red meat, try to choose leaner options, such as sirloin.

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