What Can You Make In A Rice Cooker? (Plus Tips + Tricks!)

comfee japanese rice cooker

You can make many foods in a Comfee rice cooker, as they’re versatile machines. Below, you’ll find more details to help you answer the question, “What can you make in a rice cooker?”.

Are rice cookers only for rice?

No, rice cookers are multi-functional. You can easily use your whole grain rice cooker for various dishes, from breakfasts to lunches, dinners, and side dishes. Purchasing a rice cooker allows you to cook multiple dishes using only one kitchen appliance conveniently.

Comfee Rice Cooker Recipes

Besides rice, you can use rice cookers for an array of recipes. Here are a few additional options you can make in a rice cooker.

  • Oatmeal

Making oatmeal is one of the easier Comfee rice cooker recipes. You add oats and milk to the rice cooker, then turn it on. A few minutes later, you have a hot bowl of oatmeal! Be sure to add tasty toppings, such as fresh fruits, to the top for a more nutritious meal. You can even add a sprig of mint for decoration.

  • Pasta

Cooking pasta in the rice cooker is similar to cooking rice. You’ll add water and pasta, then turn the appliance on. After the pasta is ready, add your favorite sauce and protein to complete the meal.

  • Banana Bread

Pre-mix the ingredients before adding them to the rice cooker. Then, start with one white rice cycle. Check the cake and add another cycle if it's not ready yet. It should take about three cycles to have fully cooked banana bread.

banana bread

Remember, these are only a few recipes you can create with a rice cooker! You can also use it to make hardboiled eggs, cakes, dumplings, etc. Feel free to experiment with various dishes.

Tips for Using a Comfee Rice Cooker

The below tips will help you get the most out of your rice cooker!

  • Rice-to-Water Ratio

There is a slight difference in the rice-to-water ratio when making brown vs. white rice in a rice cooker. Add a 2:1 ratio when cooking white rice. Making brown rice requires slightly more liquid. For example, when making two cups of brown rice, you'll need 4.5 cups of water.

  • Cooking Foods Besides Rice

You don't need to spray a rice cooker before making dishes other than rice, as the items will be steamed. However, mixing your dough first before pouring it or placing it into the rice cooker is best.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your 5.2Qt Instant Rice Cooker! This Comfee rice cooker has a large capacity, so you can easily make dishes for your family or special occasions. It also includes a portable handle, so you can conveniently shift it from your house to venues, a new apartment, or anywhere you want to get crafty with recipes! This multi-functional appliance is excellent for people of all ages.

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