Understanding the Difference Between Pumpkin and Squash

a woman is decorating the pumpkin

You’ve probably heard of pumpkins when it comes to Halloween decorations, but pumpkins can actually be eaten, too! Technically, pumpkins and squash aren’t all that different from one another; in fact, a pumpkin is merely a type of squash.  However, these two items are used in different dishes and feature very different textures. To enjoy pumpkins and squash to the fullest, understanding the basics about each of these fruits is a must!

What is Pumpkin?

A pumpkin is a type of winter squash with a hard outer shell. In comparison to other squash and gourd varieties, pumpkins are a bit of an anomaly. The most edible part of a pumpkin is the seeds, which is different from most other types of squash. These hearty, orange-yellow fruits grow on a vine and are a staple during autumn in the United States. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of fatty acids and taste delicious when roasted. 

pumpkin and pumpkin seed food

What is Squash?

Squash is the term for a large umbrella of fruits, instead of just one specific item, like a pumpkin. The squash family has summer squash and winter squash, with summer squash sporting thinner, edible skin, and winter squash has tougher skin that is usually removed before consumption. There are different types of squash around the world, but the fruits within this family are a great source of fiber. 

a box of winter and summer squash

Team Pumpkin or Team Squash?

The reality is you don’t have to choose just one: you can love them both! Since pumpkins are simply a type of squash, your love for squash can encompass a special passion for pumpkins, too. If you need a great air fryer to roast pumpkin seeds or a microwave to soften the outside of a butternut squash before cutting into it, our Comfee products are exactly what your kitchen needs. Check out our website to browse retro, stylish, and affordable appliances of all types.

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