Range Hood Buying Guide: Select the Best Stove Hood for Your Kitchen

a range hood hanging on the wall

After reading through this buying guide, selecting the ideal stove hood for your kitchen will be easy!

Types of Range Hoods

There are many types of range hoods, ensuring there is one that fits your needs and your kitchen space. Below, you’ll find some of the most common types of kitchen hoods.

  • Undercabinet

Undercabinet range hoods are self-explanatory; they are installed underneath cabinets. Then, they use a duct system to remove cooking odors, smoke, and more.

  • Wall Mount

For those who don't have cabinets in their kitchen, wall-mounted range hoods are an option. These connect directly to the wall and vent the air straight outdoors.

  • Downdraft

Instead of venting air up through a duct system, downdraft hood ranges vent the air through a system underneath the floor.

  • Ductless

Ductless kitchen hoods include multiple filters, which help eliminate unwanted kitchen odors, grease, smoke, and more. A range vent hood circulates the air and produces a cleaner version while you're cooking.

Comfee range hoods are a great example of ductless stove hoods. For example, the 30" Convertible Pyramid Range Hood uses a 5-layer filter system that’s easily detachable so you can clean the parts in your dishwasher. As it’s only 30”, you can fit this Comfee range hood anywhere in your kitchen.

  • Ducted

You’ll also find many homes equipped with ducted range hoods. This type of kitchen hood pulls air out instead of filtering it.

Range Hood Features

Below, you'll find some range hood features to look for while looking for a new kitchen hood.

  • Light Indicators

Having a kitchen hood with light indicators can be extremely helpful. By selecting an option with this feature, you'll know things like when your filter needs to be cleaned or changed.

  • Lighting

Having a range hood with lighting is incredibly beneficial, especially if you select a larger range hood or have minimal light in the kitchen.

the two lights of the hood glowed
  • Filters

Make sure to select a range hood with filters that help trap grease and odors. You'll typically see options for aluminum mesh, charcoal, and stainless steel filters. Whichever type you choose, ensure you wash (or change) the filters every three months so they continue to work well.

someone lowered the hood filter out of the dishwasher
  • Fan Speed

Range hood fans have varying fan speeds, with around 3-6 settings. Opt for an option where the range fans have at least two settings when purchasing a kitchen hood. Luckily the Comfee 30” range hood has three fan speeds to utilize.

cmfee curved galss range hood
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