Natural Hacks to Stay Warm in the Winter

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It seems that every year, winters get colder and longer, leaving us all looking for ways to connect with our “inner cozy” and stay warm for those harsher months. If you’re struggling to find a guidebook on how to keep warm, you’re in the right place. Not only can being too cold for prolonged periods of time cause health issues, but it can be mentally and emotionally draining, too. Putting your heat on full blast constantly isn’t always the answer either -- read below to figure out how to keep warm naturally.

How to Stay Warm in the Winter

  • Become an Expert with Layers

Though layering can be an essential fashion technique, we’re not even talking about the fashionable kind of layering here. We’re talking about the “stay warm through the winter” layering. Throw a thermal layer underneath your clothes, then add jackets, a coat, and a hat when needed.

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  • Use Humidifiers

Air with humidity will feel warmer than dry air of the same temp. This is a great, low-cost way to hack warmth in the winter. Be careful not to let your space get too humid and damp, though!

a woman turn on the humidifier before going to bed

  • Cook, Cook, Cook!

Using your oven and stove is a great way to keep warm. The cooking process with these appliances will make your home warmer.

an opened oven

  • Opt for Warm Food and Drink Options

Save popsicles and smoothies for the summer, and instead, over-index on soups, casseroles, and warm drinks. These options have great health benefits and if you keep food warm, you’ll stay even warmer.

a bowl of soup with two spoons next to it

  • Heating Pads are Your Friend

Microwaveable heating pads stay warm for long periods of time and are safe to use. Simply heat them up in the Comfee Microwave Oven and voila!

  • Winterize Your Home or Apartment

If your windows and doors aren’t sealed properly, cold air will seep in and make it difficult to keep warm.

close window

  • Get Plenty of Exercise

Move your body regularly! Getting your heart rate up is a great way to boost your internal temp.

These Hacks Save Money!

Cold weather and high energy prices can lead to crushing utility bills in the winter, but by using natural ways to keep warm, your wallet will thank you! Comfee has the products you need in the kitchen to enjoy all the warm, yummy food you can think of. Our 12” Electric Skillet and Retro Toaster Oven go well in any kitchen, offer affordable price points, and look great, too! Stay warm, thank us later.

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