Learn About the Comfee 0.7 Cu.ft Retro Microwave Oven

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Want to know if the Comfee Retro Microwave will work well in your kitchen? Continue reading to learn about the Comfee microwave, from price to features.


The size of this microwave oven is 0.7 cubic feet. If you’re curious about the dimensions for placement in your kitchen, it is 17.3x14.1x10.2(WxDxH).


Three colors are currently available for this compact microwave: Cream, Red, and Pastel Green. These fun colors make it easy to coordinate this compact microwave with your style and décor.


The price for this mini microwave is currently $101.99. You may find a price difference when purchasing it on Amazon versus the Comfee website. This may occur during special Amazon sales or promotions.

Key Features: 

  • Mini Size

The mini-size of these Comfee microwaves is ideal for smaller spaces. Whether you live in an apartment or dorm with minimal counter space or have a home with a tiny kitchen, you'll find these compact ovens fit perfectly on the counter.

  • Retro Design

Skip the boring silver microwaves for these cute mini microwave options, which feature a cool, retro design. This design allows you to express yourself as you select between three fun colors. Plus, the retro design is unique, making it a great conversation starter for guests.

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  • Position Memory Turntable Function

You could consider this Comfee microwave the best microwave, as it features a unique turntable feature. When using this microwave, you’ll notice that the turntable always ends up in the same place. This occurs because of the position memory. So, you won’t have to worry about burning your hand when removing hot items, as the mug handle will always be facing you.

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Other Features: 

  • 9 Preset Cooking Menus 

With nine preset cooking menus, it's easy to select the option you need for your meal quickly. These cooking menus include beverage, popcorn, vegetable, meat, pizza, potato, pasta, soup, and reheat. Other items not listed can be cooked, heated, or reheated via the knob or other button selections. There's also a convenient button to quickly add 30-second increments to the microwave.

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  • 10 Power Levels

Ten power levels ensure your food and beverages are heated correctly every time. Certain items, such as oils and sugar, can heat quickly. If you don't want to clean up a sticky mess later, you can crank the power level down to accommodate these foods. Similarly, you can put the level to high when you want to heat meat, vegetables, and liquids.

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  • Easy to Use

The straightforward, logo-inspired buttons on this compact microwave make it easy to learn and easy to use. Comfee has simplified the microwave oven buttons, so everyone (even kids) can use the microwave safely. For example, the button to add 30 seconds has a note below it of “+30 sec”, clearly indicating its use. You’ll also find the meaning of each button on the website and in the manual.

Consider including other Comfee products in your kitchen to match the retro style of a retro microwave. You'll find options ranging from dishwashers to fridges, air fryers, rice cookers, and washer and dryer combos. With an affordable cost and trendy style, you can't go wrong with Comfee items.

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