Is Comfee A Good Brand?

dishwasher and microwave on the kitchen table, and retro toaster oven on the shelf

Comfee is an affordable brand that sells exclusively through Amazon and has some great appliances with very impressive ratings and high customer satisfaction rates.

The majority of this brand’s products rate in the excellent range and as such overall, I rate Comfee as an excellent brand.

For individual products here is how they score:

  • Toaster Oven – Good.
  • Rice Cooker – Excellent.
  • Electric Kettle – Amazing.
  • Air Fryer – Excellent.
  • Microwave Oven – Good.
  • Portable Washing Machine – Excellent.

    Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Comfee appliances with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

    Comfee Is A Good Brand For Toaster Ovens

    The Comfee toaster oven has over 4,952 reviews and has reached Amazon Choice status with 64% of those reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. It is compact and ideal for small counter spaces and apartments…

    white comfee countertop toaster oven
    Example of comments from Comfee reviews:
    • Bought it because of the positive reviews. Didn’t want a fancy digital oven. This exceeded expectations!
    • Perfect for small counter too. What a great price!
    • Would buy again from this brand. Seems like good quality.
    • My toaster oven from, Comfee, is outstanding in so many ways.
    • Great size for my small apartment.
    • This is a great little toaster oven. I’ve used it for toast, frozen foods, for broiling.
    • It’s compact and doesn’t take up alot of space. It works great!
    • Works really well. Easy to use.
    • My son uses to cook little pizzas all the time.
    • I use to cook small things I don’t want to use my oven for.
    • Great purchase and looks good with my other appliances.

    Comfee Has An Excellent Rice Cooker

    The Comfee all in one slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and stew pot is a very popular seller and has reached Amazon Choice status. From over 3,673 reviews this excellent product has 74% of customers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

    The comfee rice cooker is placed next to two cans of rice and the corresponding two bowls of already cooked rice
    Example of comments from Comfee reviews:
    • This rice cooker is amazing. There are presets for white rice, brown rice, quick rice, slow cook, saute then simmer, and steam.
    • Great countertop appliance. The inner tub is removable, which makes clean up a breeze.
    • This was a splurge but worth it. Makes you wonder why we still use pots and stoves.
    • So easy to use. I’ve made pasta, rice, soup, and potstickers so far.
    • Great product and great value! Soups, stews, rice, pasta… it does it all!
    • I have made soup from scratch, stew from scratch, and brown rice. The soups and stews are cooked perfectly.
    • This is very easy to use, safe and cleans up in a snap.
    • And talk about rice cooking perfection!
    • I add brown rice and water, close and press the brown rice setting. That’s it, the unit does the rest.
    • The rice is cooked perfectly. Never hard, dry, or mushy, always fluffy perfection

    Comfee Is An Amazing Brand For Kettles

    The Comfee tea kettle has also reached Amazon Choice status and an amazing 82% of reviewers rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Very affordable compared to better-known brand names and just as good…

    comfee electric kettle on the table with drinks and snack next to it
    Example of comments from Comfee reviews:
    • Omg! This thing is awesome!! The first thing I noticed was how nice it felt holding it in my hand.
    • I have purchased hundreds of items on Amazon. This item is in the top 5 of my faves.
    • I drink a lot of tea. The water takes seconds (under 1 min) to boil. This is a must-have for tea or coffee (instant or Vietnamese Coffee) drinkers.
    • Worth the price and I would buy it again.
    • I drink a lot of hot tea, and the water is heated in no time.
    • It’s also to use for any dishes that you aren’t washing in the dishwater.
    • It’s a good pot to heat water for any kind of drink.

    Comfee Is An Excellent Brand For Air Fryers

    The Comfee air fryer also rates highly with over 77% of reviewers giving it 5 out of 5 stars which is excellent. It doesn’t take up much space and customers are delighted with how easy it is to use and clean…

    comfee digital air fryer with various food types
    Example of comments from Comfee reviews:
    • So I normally use my Ninja Foodie which is really expensive! So I did a comparison between the 2 and these Air fryer cooks exactly the same as my foodie. Same cook temp, time, and everything.
    • Wow!! So convenient and easy to use. I’m hooked!! I cooked frozen tacos and burritos in 12 mins and they are very crispy and delicious!!
    • There is virtually no mess!
    • So quick and easy which so many other options, not just air frying.
    • I ordered this to use as a dehydrator to make backpacking meals. Works like a charm!
    • Just awesome Ribs fall off the bone in about 27 minutes no need to boil the ribs first came out awesome also threw out my microwave great for small room.
    • The size of this air fryer is perfect for a family meal.
    • This is an amazing cooking appliance.
    • I have used the air fryer every day since I got it. I love how fast and tasty the food comes out.
    • It cooks quickly and quietly. Works great in half the time of an oven.
    • The frier itself is super easy to operate & clean.
    • I can’t get over how simple it is to use.

    Comfee Is A Good Brand For Microwave Ovens

    The Comfee retro compact microwave oven is another product that has reached Amazon Choice status and has 67% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. This classy, retro, and compact microwave is perfect for small spaces…

    Someone adjusts the knob of the comfee microwave oven by her hand
    Example of comments from Comfee reviews:
    • Great microwave for an apartment. Not too big, but good on strength heating. Works awesome. It’s easy to use, easy to clean.
    • Quite tiny! Perfect for a countertop on an apartment. Also pretty great. Heats as it should!
    • I’m in love with this microwave. Not just because it’s so pretty. It works great. I even cooked bacon perfectly with this.
    • The wonderful look of this microwave added some real style to my small condo kitchen.
    • Cutest little retro microwave. We needed a small unit for a cabin and wanted retro and cream-colored.
    • This little unit works well, very cute, and looks like good quality.
    • I needed a small microwave for my counter and this fits perfectly. I really like it.
    • It’s really small but the inside fits pretty large items. I’m really pleased with this microwave.

    Comfee Has An Excellent Portable Washing Machine

    The Comfee compact washing machine is one of their newest products to hit the market and already it is proving to be very popular with 72% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

    places you can put the comfee portable washing machine
    Example of comments from Comfee reviews:
    • Could not be happier! We’ve had “portable washing machines” before. This is way better than any plastic twin tub.
    • The build is comparable to a sturdy full-size washer, with the small convenience of a portable.
    • Does not wobble during the spin cycle, and fully automatic cycles make it so easy!
    • The size is perfect for my small family, I do laundry about every 3 days.
    • This was the best investment I could’ve ever purchased. It’s a game-changer in life worth the investment.
    • I highly recommend COMFEE portable washer. Yes, I’m enjoying myself washing it made my life so convenient.
    • I couldn’t believe how big it was inside because it looked small outside in the box.
    • The inside washer tub is Hugh, I was able to even wash my full- size comfort inside this machine.
    • No more laundromats for me anymore.

    In summary, Comfee is an excellent brand that provides quality products for very affordable prices.

    In particular, if you are looking for compact appliances this company really excels with space-saving appliances that are ideal for smaller spaces, apartments, RVs, dorms, etc.

    They also sell juicers that just scrape into my good category as well however I feel the above products are by far their best with special mention to the electric kettle that received amazing ratings.

    The rice cooker, air fryer, and portable washer were also very highly rated and impressive appliances.

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