Is an Air Fryer Worth the Money?

stainless steel air fryer surrounded by foods

You may notice your friends are all purchasing an air fryer lately. Here’s why you’ll want to join in on the trend and buy your own air fryer!

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How an Air Fryer Works

The first part of deciding whether an air fryer is right for you is understanding how it works. To put it simply, air fryers circulate hot air to cook food quickly. Think of it like a convection oven! Since it is cooking your food via this method, you don't need to use much oil (like a deep fryer would require).

air fryer working principle

Even with minimal oil, an air fryer will help you achieve a delicious, crispy exterior. Plus, you won't have to sit and wait around for the oven to preheat. Instead, the air fryer can preheat in a few minutes and have your food ready in no time.

These appliances are multifunctional, allowing you to craft many different recipes. For example, you can use the 3.7 QT Digital Air Fryer to make fries, individual pizzas, cookies, and more. This appliance also has a non-stick basket for your food so that you can use even less oil! The auto shut off ensures your food won't overcook (and the appliance won't overheat!).

air fryer with foods

Advantages of Using an Air Fryer

  • Less Oil

It can be challenging to stay healthy with a busy college schedule. Using an air fryer, you can make all your favorite comfort foods at home with less oil! 

The 5.8 QT Digital Air Fryer will help you use about 90% less oil. This appliance is also great for larger groups of people, events, or meal prepping during the week. It features eight preset buttons to make cooking easier. Plus, it's cool to the touch, so you won't need to worry about cooking burns.

air fryer surrounded by foods
  • Faster Cook Times

Since the air fryer uses a convection method to cook foods, you’ll find your items are ready much faster than in a regular oven. Instead of waiting 40 minutes for fries, you can have a batch ready in 20!

working principle of air fryer toaster oven
  • Crispy Results

The best part about an air fryer is that it produces deliciously crispy foods. You won't have to worry about soggy crusts on pizza or bendy fries.

a bowl of crispy

What can / cannot you cook in your air fryer?

You can cook many items in an air fryer, from burgers to fries, pizza, fish, bacon, and more. Try using your air fryer to heat up leftovers. An air fryer is also great if you plan on making baked goods. However, you will need a special pan for desserts.

As the air fryer is a versatile appliance, there are only a few items that you cannot use it for. You cannot air fry items with a wet batter like you could in a deep fryer. However, you can season items instead or using a dry coating.

Additionally, it’s not the best option for steak, as it will cook the meat straight through. So, you won't be able to achieve a rare or medium rare cook.

Get Ready to Cook!

Comfee’s wide range of products will help make dorm life easier. Our products will help keep your kitchen aesthetically pleasing while making cooking a snap! Try our mini appliances in your dorm room to save space without sacrificing your cooking needs.

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