How to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean: A Homedishwasher Guide

inside the dishwasher

Perhaps you're a new dishwasher owner, or maybe you've decided it's time to dust off your kitchen dishwasher and use it. Whatever the case, this guide will answer the question, "how to clean dishwasher," so you can start using it immediately.

How often should I clean the dishwasher?

You can keep your dishwasher cleaning on the same cycle as replacing your water filter, as both tasks should be done every six months. By cleaning your dishwasher regularly, you’re allowing your home dishwasher to work the best it can.

A clean dishwasher also runs more efficiently, so you’ll have clean dishes ready in no time. You’ll also help extend the life of your appliance by keeping your dishwasher clean, so it’s a win-win scenario.

What is the purpose of cleaning?

Besides providing a clean environment for you to put your dishes, cleaning the dishwasher has other purposes. If you neglect to clean your regular or countertop dishwasher, your appliance cannot clean as well, and you'll see water marks on your glasses and plates. Plus, the buildup of old food can damage your regular or compact dishwasher.

You’ll also find that your dishwasher will start to have a funky smell, indicating that bacteria is growing. When using a Comfee dishwasher, you can also run the Air Refresh mode to help clear out any unwanted odors.

In general, how often should you clean up?

If you do regular maintenance and keep the dishwasher clean, it will be easier to clean it every six months. Each day, make sure to clear out debris from the inside. Each week, wipe down the outside and check the filter for debris. Clean out any food particles you find in the filter.

How to clean it? Step-by-step Guide

Below is a step-by-step process for deep cleaning your regular or mini dishwasher.

If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning a larger appliance, you can purchase a compact Comfee dishwasher. The 5L Mini Dishwasher is great for smaller loads, busy professionals, and those who live alone.

How to clean?

1. Gather your cleaning supplies; this includes the following:

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Toothpicks
  • Toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Rubber gloves

2. Take out any removable parts (utensil holder, filter, dishwasher racks).

Removing these parts makes it easier to deep clean the dishwasher's interior. You can clean these items separately in the sink by soaking them in warm water and one cup of distilled white vinegar.

3. Clean the debris.

The next step is clearing out the debris left in the dishwasher. Make sure to check the pipe and other crevices.

4. Run the dishwasher clean cycle.

First, run a full cycle with hot water and one cup of white vinegar. You can pour the white vinegar at the bottom of the dishwasher and let the cycle run. This helps clear out the grease and grime.

Then, run a cycle with baking soda to help remove any smells and stains. Use one cup of baking soda.

5. Use microfiber towels and stainless steel cleaner.

Finally, clean the dishwasher's exterior using a stainless steel cleaning agent and microfiber towels to finish your deep clean. Then, rinse off the removable parts and reinsert them into the dishwasher.

No need to proceed with step five for Comfee dishwashers, as they don’t have a stainless-steel exterior. So, you can save a few minutes while cleaning!

Some things to consider

Now that your dishwasher is clean, you should see an improvement in the cleanliness of your dishes. If you notice any dishes coming out of your appliance with food, it’s time to deep clean again. Remember to clean out the food particles daily and deep clean at least once every six months for the best results.

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