Fun Spring Picnic Food Ideas

picnic foods

There's nothing better than a spring picnic with delicious and nutritious items. You'll find some fun picnic food ideas below if you're stuck on what picnic food to pack.

What Kind of Food Is Suitable for a Picnic?

Below, you'll find a list of the top 10 picnic foods to include when packing a picnic. You can select which options you want to include based on budget, preference, time, number of people, etc. Remember to include some beverages alongside this picnic foods list, such as water bottles, fresh juices, smoothies (try using this Compact Smoothie Blender for an on-the-go option), cocktails, mocktails, etc.

  • Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a top choice for picnic food ideas for family. You can customize the sandwiches to your family’s liking, such as using egg salad, ham and cheddar, or peanut butter and jelly for the filling.


  • Wraps

Wraps are another great option when you want to handmake a picnic food. They take a few minutes to put together, and you can include any ingredients you like. A delicious option is buffalo chicken with ranch, lettuce, and shredded cheese.


  • Meat Platters

You can create meat platters in a few different ways. For one, you can craft a charcuterie board with cured meats, sliced cheese, crackers, and fruit. Or, you can cook a large batch of chicken drumsticks to bring with you.

Make chicken drumsticks faster by using an Air Fryer. Bonus, you’ll need to use less oil when cooking with an air fryer!

  • Breakfast Items

Perhaps you're planning an earlier picnic date. If that's the case, you can bring breakfast or brunch foods. This option can include pancakes, toast, bacon, etc.


  • Green Salads

Green salads help you and your family get in sufficient vitamins and minerals. Pack the salad dressing and toppings separately in a picnic basket to ensure the salad tastes fresh and remains crisp.

green salads

  • Pasta Salads

There's nothing more satisfying than a cold pasta salad in the hot summer heat! You only need a few ingredients for pasta salad, including Italian dressing, cooked pasta, sliced vegetables (tomatoes, onions, etc.), and chopped salami. Mix the ingredients, pack it in an air-tight container, and it’s ready to go.

pasta salads

  • Fruit Salads

In the summer, fruit salads are a refreshing option for picnics. Simply slice the fruit you have on hand and toss it into a large bowl to bring to the picnic.

  • Chips and Dip

One of the best (and easiest) picnic snack ideas is bringing chips and dip. You can bring any chips and dip, from tortilla chips with salsa to hummus and pita chips.

chips and dip

  • Finger Foods

Don’t forget to include some fun picnic finger food! Finger foods include deviled eggs, sliced veggies with dip, Caprese skewers, or anything similar.

  • Baked Goods

Finally, ensure you bring a tasty dessert or two to share with your picnic guests. Brownies, cookies, and even cake slices make excellent picnic foods!


What Kind of Food Is Your Favorite?

Of course, the last step in figuring out what to pack for a picnic is considering the question, "What kind of food is your favorite?" You want to ensure you're packing items that you enjoy as well. Feel free to include an item or two that you enjoy, even if no one else favors those foods.

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