Ducted vs Ductless Range Hood: Which Option Should You Buy?

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Choosing between a ducted vs. ductless range hood is a big decision requiring you to know each option's pros and cons. The below guide will help you learn more about stove hood options to help you select the one that best fits your needs.

What's the difference between ducted vs. ductless range hood?

The primary difference between ductless range hood options and those that are ducted in the way they shift the air. Ductless range exhaust hoods use filters to help remove cooking smells and smoke. In contrast, ducted range hoods remove the air completely.

  • Benefits of Having a Range Hood

Perhaps you don't consider a range hood necessary. If that's the case, you may not realize the benefits of having a range hood in the kitchen.

  • Helps Remove Cooking Smells

Using a range hood will help you remove cooking odors, smoke, and vapors from cooking. This way, you can prepare your food without inhaling any smoke.

  • Helps Get Rid of Extra Grease/Oil

Like stove hoods remove cooking smells, they also help remove extra grease in the air. This helps keep your kitchen cleaner, preventing grease and oil from covering the areas near your stove (like the walls).

  • Removes Extra Heat

Instead of constantly cooking in an uncomfortably hot environment, you can switch on your range hood. It helps circulate or get rid of the air (depending on which type you select), allowing you to feel more at ease in the kitchen.

  • Can Help Create a Higher Home Value

Perhaps you're not concerned with selling your home anytime soon. However, that doesn't mean you can't make decisions that will positively impact the value of your home! Adding a Comfee range hood above your stove will boost your home value. The sleek design of the Comfee range hoods and their high quality is a perfect way to increase the value of your home.

It’s typically a non-negotiable for buyers who view your home in the purchasing phase. If you don’t have a range hood, your property value will be lower.

Is a ducted hood better than a ductless one?

There are pros and cons to selecting a ducted vs. ductless range hood. Below, you'll find some reasons why each option may work well for you.

  • Ducted Range Hoods

Ducted range hoods are beneficial for a few reasons. They can easily remove smells, heat, and more since they expel the air outside the home. Ducted ranges are also typically quieter than ductless ranges.

As for cons, ducted range hoods are typically restricted to certain locations within the house due to the setup process.

Curved Glass Gesture Sensing Control Range Hood
  • Ductless Range Hoods

On the opposite side, ductless range hoods can be installed anywhere since they use a filtration system. This means the installation process is more convenient than a ducted hood range.

Regarding cons, these range hoods are typically louder than ducted range hoods. However, this depends on the brand and strength of the range hood.

Under Cabinet Range Hood

Now that you know the differences between ducted vs. ductless range hood options, you can make your selection. The Comfee 36" Convertible Pyramid Range Hood is an excellent option for those seeking a ductless range hood. This option removes extra grease and cooking odors. Plus, you can clean it in the dishwasher, making it an even more convenient option. It also uses 3-speed exhaust fans to help circulate the air while keeping the noise to a minimum.

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