Do You Know Summer and Winter Squash?

winter and summer squash

You’ve probably heard the term “squash” more times than you can count, but did you know that there are a wide variety of produce items that can be considered squash? Two major categories are summer squash and winter squash, meaning that you’ll be able to find squash that’s in-season nearly all year! That’s great news for veggie lovers.

Aside from their amazing health benefits, squash, which is actually a fruit because they have seeds, is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. From squash soup to zucchini noodles, the ways you can incorporate squash into your diet are endless. But first, let’s get a handle on the difference between summer squash and winter squash.

The Difference Between Winter and Summer Squash

Though both winter squash and summer squash are part of the Cucurbita family, meaning they both ripen on a vine, there are a number of differences between the two. The first major difference is the texture of the skin; since summer squash is harvested before it’s fully mature, the skin has tons of flavor and is tender enough to eat. Winter squash has a thicker rind that makes it perfect for storing through the cold winter months when temperatures dip down.

Winter Squash

Harvested in the late summer, early autumn, and even sometimes winter, winter squash encompasses everything from acorn squash to spaghetti squash. Acorn squash is a bit unique because you can actually eat the skin on it, but most other winter squash will require you to break them open before eating.

winter squash

Summer Squash

Summer squash will be thriving in your garden through the warm summer months. Harvest yellow squash, zucchini, or more unique summer squash like zephyr squash or mirliton squash. All of these are great in warm dishes or summer salads – have fun with it!

summer squash

Squash the Squash Game

If you want to start eating a bit more squash, you can start anytime! You don’t have to grow your own to enjoy the benefits; head down to your local farmer’s market or favorite produce stop and get your hands on whatever is fresh. Now you’re ready to cook it – Comfee’s kitchen products can make cooking more enjoyable than ever because they are affordable, accessible, and stylish. Get your Comfee appliances on our website.

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