Delicious Nonalcoholic Drinks for Spring Parties and Easter Gatherings

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Having fun at your next Easter family gathering doesn’t need to revolve around alcohol! Check out these seven fun nonalcoholic drinks that everyone can enjoy.

What Is a Nonalcoholic Drink?

A nonalcoholic drink may look and sometimes even taste like it contains alcohol. However, nonalcoholic drinks either: do not have alcohol, have a spirit with the alcohol removed, or use a spirit with almost no alcohol content (less than 0.05% ABV).

These drinks are also referred to as mocktails in some cases. Whether your family and friends are looking to participate in a dry January or you want to offer nonalcoholic options for your guests, you'll find some tasty spring mocktails below that everyone will love!

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7 Common Nonalcoholic Drinks

While selecting your easy spring mocktails for your gathering, consider adding fun accessories and glassware. This extra step will help you take fun drinks and make them even more exciting for guests. 

1. Pink Smoothie

Keep your drink offerings simple with a pink smoothie using strawberries, a banana, nondairy milk, and honey. This smoothie can be a great appetizer, as it’s fruity, light, and tasty. Consider serving this smoothie at a breakfast holiday meal.

pink smoothie

2. Kale Smoothie

If you're hosting brunch, you can create a kale smoothie instead of a mocktail. This nutritious smoothie is a great way to curb cravings for desserts and heavier foods during the holiday, plus it's packed with vitamins and minerals. Combine kale, almond milk, bananas, Greek yogurt, and pineapple in a blender, like this Compact Blender option, and blend until smooth! This blender is easy to clean so that you can customize smoothies to your guests' liking.

kale smoothie

3. Mulled Wine

Yes, it's possible to make mulled wine as a nonalcoholic drink! Various wines have had their alcohol removed or contain a very small amount of alcohol. Mulled wine is an ideal winter beverage. Find a nonalcoholic red wine and simmer it with aromatic spices, such as cloves, cinnamon, and star anise.

mulled wine

You can also use a multifunctional cooker, like this Rice Cooker, to help create mulled wine. Add your wine and spices and leave it on low until it’s ready to serve.

4. Party Punch

Party punch is a great option; you can make it as simple or fancy as you'd like. Start with cranberry juice, lemonade, and soda water. Then, add fun options, like sherbet, grape juice, or tropical juice, to dress it up.

cranberry juice

5. Pink Lemonade

If you're in a time crunch, you can opt for pink lemonade as a fun nonalcoholic drink. You can either purchase it already made at the store (don't forget to serve it in cute glassware!) or make an easy homemade version with lemon juice, water, sugar, and pomegranate juice.

6. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is the ultimate cold-weather drink. You can use Electric Kettles to help speed up the process. Electric kettles are also a great way to ensure you're heating sufficient water, as they have a water marker on the side. Then, add your choice of hot cocoa powder and marshmallows to your guests' mugs.

hot chocolate

7. Mango Fizz

If you're craving a mimosa, try serving a mango fizz at your gathering. You'll still get that delicious fizzy sensation and fruity flavor sans alcohol! Mix mango juice with Sprite in equal parts, and you'll have a tasty drink that even the kids can enjoy!

mango juice

Try the above fun nonalcoholic drinks for Easter! You and your guests won’t even notice the lack of alcohol in the beverages. Plus, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling refreshed!

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