Benefits of Rice Water (Plus How to Make It at Home!)

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Rice water is great for strengthening your hair, making your hair grow, and giving you a shiny, healthy head of hair! Skip the expensive store-bought options and make rice water at home for less than $1.

Continue reading to learn all about rice water, including each rice water benefit and how to use rice water.

What Is Rice Water?

You'll be familiar with rice water if you're an avid rice rinser. It's the liquid that is left once you remove the rice. It has a cloudy appearance and contains the starch from the exterior of the rice grains. You can create rice water by boiling or soaking rice in water.

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Rice water has been used in Asia for many years for its hair benefits. This hair treatment dates back to Japan's Heian period (794 to 1185 CE). At this time, women had beautiful hair that reached the floor.

It's still used in Asian cultures, like the Yao women in China. It is said that their average hair length is six feet. Additionally, the Yao women say their hair does not gray until they reach 80+ years old. They credit these characteristics of their hair to rice water baths.


Those who use rice water claim it does the following:

  • Helps detangle hair more easily
  • Creates smooth, shiny hair
  • Increases hair strength
  • Helps your hair grow longer

What Science Says About Rice Water

The science behind using rice water is still up for debate. What's certain is that rice contains nutrients, such as vitamin B and folate. These nutrients can soak into your hair when you perform a rice water treatment. Many people note a positive change in their hair when using rice water as a treatment. However, more studies need to be done.

How to Make Rice Water

There are two methods for creating rice water: soaking and boiling it. The quickest method is soaking the rice, which requires ½ cup of rice and two cups of water. The first step is rinsing the rice, then placing it in a large bowl with two cups of water and letting it soak for about 30 minutes. Strain the starchy water into a spray bottle, and it's ready to go!

a spoon of rice

Don't throw the rice away when you're done creating rice water! Instead, add it to a Multifunction Rice Cooker with water and use it for meals throughout the week. Since you’ve already rinsed off the starch, the rice is ready to go!

How to Use Rice Water?

Performing a rice water treatment only requires a few steps, as noted below.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo only and rinse it out
  2. Towel dry your hair
  3. Pour rice water over your hair and massage it in
  4. Put a shower cap over your hair and allow it to sit for up to 20 minutes
  5. Rinse your hair again with warm water

Concerns and Side Effects

While there are likely no severe long-term side effects of using rice water on your hair, it is worth noting that it can cause a dry, itchy scalp due to buildup. This can also cause your hair to look dull. You can avoid this by using the treatment a maximum of once weekly.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Rice Water

If you're looking for an easy way to boost your hair's smoothness and shine, consider adding rice water to your monthly hair care plan. Remember to store extra in the fridge, so that it lasts up to one week.

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