Are Canned Foods Healthy?

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You may be looking for an affordable way to bulk up your weekly groceries. If that's the case, you may instinctively reach for canned food like pickles, produce, and protein. Continue reading to learn if they're worth purchasing.

What Are Canned Foods?

Canned goods are foods packed in airtight containers through the canning process. This is a method to help preserve various food which would otherwise spoil within a week. 

Initially, creating canned food was a way to ensure sailors and soldiers had food while they were on active duty. Now, many people enjoy the flavor and nutrients that canned goods offer.

Generally, when creating canned food, it goes through three steps: processing, sealing, and heating. If you create canned food properly, you can enjoy a canned food lifespan of anywhere from one to five years.

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Are Canned foods' nutrients affected?

In most cases, canned foods keep the majority of their nutrients. They're picked during peak ripeness produce), which is similar to eating frozen fruits and vegetables. Additionally, if they have a high enough content of a specific nutrient, the nutrient typically remains after the cans are heated. There is an exception, as water-soluble nutrients like vitamins B and C usually disappear when the goods are heated. Some nutrients, like antioxidants in tomatoes,  increase when they are heated.

Overall, healthy canned foods can be a great way to get nutrients into your diet. This is especially true if you create balanced meals with rice. Try using this Stainless Steel Rice Cooker to make grains and various types of rice alongside your canned products.


  • Canned goods are budget-friendly as they’re typically less than a few dollars per can. 
  • They’re convenient as canned food does not require cooking.
  • You can keep canned goods in your pantry for years without spoilage.


  • Small amounts of BPA may leech into the goods depending on the material of the can.
  • Some canned goods have added salt, sugar, or preservatives which may make them less healthy. 

Common Canned Foods

Many items can be processed, sealed, and heated in jars to create canned goods. A few canned foods examples include soups, seafood, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and beans. It's common to see dairy in cans, like evaporated and condensed milk.

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Overall, the amount of nutrients in canned goods combined with the pros list indicates that canned foods are healthy. If you need a quick way to add vitamins and nutrients without breaking the bank, consider including canned goods in your diet.

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