8 Kitchen Color Ideas You’ll Love

black white and grey kitchen

Since the kitchen is an area you spend many hours in each week, it’s important to be in a space you love! Try applying these eight kitchen color ideas in your home. Or, get inspired and create your own kitchen color scheme.

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8 Kitchen Color Schemes 

It's best to choose neutral tones for surfaces that are not easily changeable, such as countertops. Then, you can be as creative as you please with the cabinets, appliances, and walls!

  • White + Black

The ultimate color combo that never goes out of style is white and black. You can keep it simple with white tiles and black accents. Or, add some fun patterns around the kitchen. Try using blonde wood for the chairs and dining table for a more modern kitchen color scheme.

white tiles and black accents

  • Blue + White

This color combo is sure to wow, with a bold blue spread throughout the kitchen and white as the contrasting color. This scheme is a great combo for those who want their kitchen to look like a country-style kitchen with a modern twist.

blue and white kitchen

  • Multiple Shades of Brown

Keep your pallet on varying shades of brown, from blonde wooden cabinets to light brown walls and dark brown accents. This color scheme is a great way to create a homey feel in your kitchen. Stick to warm browns for a welcoming vibe.

brown kitchen

  • All White

Make your kitchen feel bigger by decking it out in all white, from the countertops to the walls and appliances. This is a great trick for those who have smaller kitchens.

white kitchen

Don’t forget to add white appliances to match, like this White Countertop Toaster Oven. It's also space-saving, as you can use it for baking, broiling, and toasting.

  • Black and Brown

If you want a dramatic kitchen color idea 2022, try using a warm black on the walls and cabinets. Accent it with a rich brown for the flooring, chairs, and dining table. This helps create a statement kitchen with a laid-back atmosphere.

a kitchen with black walls, black cabinets and white chairs

  • Gray and Purple 

You can also keep your color scheme more traditional by decorating in a gray color. A purple accent wall gives it a fresh vibe and keeps the kitchen interesting. Add gray or stainless steel appliances to keep the same feel throughout the kitchen, like this Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler.

  • Brown and Blue

This combo is unbeatable, as it can fit many styles with ease. Change the brown and blue hue to fit your style for the best outcome. For example, dark shades of brown and blue paired with white accents create a more classic style.

brown and blue kitchen

  • Brown and Green

If you're looking for a more rustic combination, brown and light green are perfect. Keep it fun by using different shades of brown in any wood found in the kitchen. Sage green or mint green work especially well in a rustic kitchen.

brown and green kitchen
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