8 Camper Van Appliances You Need for Your RV


Whether you're a new RV owner or have owned an RV for many years, selecting space-saving camper van appliances is a major way to avoid clutter. Skip overcrowding your RV space with these eight top camping appliance options.   

What Appliances Can You Use in an RV?

Luckily, most appliances are safe to use in an RV. Below, you'll find additional power, size, and cost details. 

  • Power

Most RVs come with a 120V electrical system, the same as the outlets in a typical home. So, you can plug in an RV kitchen appliance without fear of the outlet short-circuiting. However, if you plug too many small appliances in simultaneously, you can trip a breaker which requires a reset. 

  • Size

There is limited space inside an RV, so selecting appliances that easily fit is essential. Otherwise, you won't have sufficient storage space or enough space to shift around the campervan comfortably. 

  • Cost

Cost is a major consideration when stocking your RV with appliances. If you purchase too cheap items, they can break quickly or not fit with your lifestyle. It's best to select items that are budget-friendly yet high quality. These products will be usable for many years to come and ensure you don't feel as if you're sacrificing your lifestyle while camping.

8 Kitchen Appliances Worth Adding to the RV

The following appliances are generally compact and help you craft homemade meals easily in your RV.

  • Microwave

A microwave is a great RV kitchen appliance for those who are tight on the room, as you can also use it for bread storage when you’re not heating items. It’s a great option for those who want their food to heat quickly after a long hike or excursion. You can cook many items in a microwave, such as oatmeal, tea, and rice.

This Retro Compact Microwave is an excellent option for any RV. It has nine preset buttons for various foods and drinks for easier heating. Plus, it has an energy-saving mode, so you can avoid tripping a breaker.

cream retro microwave
  • Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are excellent for smaller kitchens, as they're multi-functional. You can cook bulk meals inside a pressure cooker without heating the whole RV. For example, you can create a soup, oatmeal, and yogurt in a rice cooker and have enough servings for at least a few days.

Try this Stainless Steel Rice Cooker; it has a 12-hour preset timer so you can have a warm meal waiting for you when you return to your camper.

stainless steel rice cooker on the table
  • Kettle

A kettle will help you start the day with a warm cup of coffee or tea. An electric kettle, like this Glass Electric Kettle, is a great option as it’s easy to store when not in use. Electric kettles will have hot water ready for you in a few minutes, so you can more quickly fix quick meals like ramen.

glass electric kettle
  • Toaster Oven

When in doubt, purchase a toaster oven, as it can replace multiple major appliances, like a microwave and an oven. You can even toast bread in a toaster oven for a heartier breakfast. This Countertop Toaster Oven is an excellent option that allows you to bake, broil, and toast all in one appliance.

black toaster oven
  • Air Fryer

Perhaps you're concerned about eating healthy meals on the go; if that's the case, an air fryer is a great option. You use much less oil in an air fryer (about 90%-100% less), yet you can still make crispy fries, baked goods, and even pizza. This Digital Air Fryer is a great choice, as it’s easy to clean due to its nonstick basket.

digital air fryer with foods
  • Blender

When you have a tight counter space, a blender works wonders for creating sauces, smoothies, and even cocktails. If you don’t have counter space for a standard blender, an Immersion Hand Blender can work equally well. Plus, you can store it in a drawer when done.

black blender
  • Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is a staple in the camping world; it uses much less electricity than a standard stovetop. Plus, it cooks much more quickly than gas or regular electric stovetop. It's best to find an induction cooktop that is light and easily portable, like this Electric Induction Stovetop.

induction cooktop
  • Skillet

If you only cook your meals at home in a skillet, an electric skillet may be your best option. It features a lid for splatter-proof cooking, a nonstick surface, and the ability to cook everything from grilled cheese to bacon. Try this 12" Electric Skillet for your camping appliance needs; it features an adjustable temperature and even heat distribution.

electric skillet

Final Thoughts on Camper Van Appliances

Ultimately, you don't have to have a huge kitchen to whip up your favorite meals while away from home. The above RV kitchen appliance options will help you craft tasty dishes while on the road without cluttering your kitchen. 

You don’t have to break the bank while finding great RV appliances. Comfee has an abundance of products in compact sizes. With affordable prices and adorable exteriors, the kitchen appliances available at Comfee are an excellent fit for RVs.

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