7 Fun Halloween Facts You Didn't Know!

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It's no secret that the Halloween season brings a sense of mystery and spookiness that we all love and look forward to. After all, it's the autumnal and chilling nature of the holiday that makes this time of the year a global favorite!

From delicious Halloween treats to mystifying myths and legends, there is no end to the interesting facts and ideas we can gather about this time of year. From our Comfee' team, enjoy these seasonal facts that are sure to spark your joy for Halloween 2023!

7 Fun Halloween Facts

Although the holiday has been celebrated for around 2,000 years, there are many Halloween ideas that have fallen dormant. Even in 2023, it's the history behind Halloween that keeps the holiday alive!

Are you surprised by any of these facts? We were!

1.Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival.
2.The first Jack O' Lantern in history was actually made of turnip.
3.The fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia.
4.Irish immigrants brought the Halloween tradition to the United States.
5."Bob for Apples" is the most popular, and one of the oldest, Halloween events.
6.Scary costumes were originally used to scare off ghosts on Halloween.
7.Candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed (Mmm, Delicious)!

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Bonus Halloween Fact:

Did you know that the biggest pie ever baked weighed in at 3,699 lbs and was baked in Ohio? Think about how many pumpkins it probably took to make such a giant pie!

Speaking of Tasty Halloween Treats

When we think about Fall and Halloween, we often think about all of the delectable baked goods and themed treats that come with this time of year. From hot chocolate to savory stews, Autumn is known for being the season for hearty eating.

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