5 Garden Herbs to Plant in Early Spring

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There’s nothing like fresh herbs to help you reign in the warmer months. From sipping mojitos on your back porch to cooking a sunset meal involving leafy ingredients, garden herbs can elevate your cooking game and bring joy to your life.

Each year, our Comfee’ team looks forward to Spring, when it’s a prime time for planting herbs and planning fun recipes around those ingredients! Review our spring herb guide for the top five herbs you should be growing in your garden this upcoming season.

Our Top 5 Springtime Herbs

Spring herbs typically enjoy plenty of sunshine, water, and soft soil to grow and thrive. For herbs that are flourishing and flavourful, make sure to consult the care tag that comes with each of your plants. Whether you are growing your herbs from seed or purchasing an already-established plant, the care should be similar for both!

  • Basil

Growing herbs can be difficult, but basil makes the task quite easy! You can grow this medium-sized plant inside in a pot or outside in your garden. For a delicious basil pesto pasta sauce, blend basil with romano, olive oil, parmesan, garlic, and pine nuts!


  • Coriander 

This beautifully-flowing herb is often planted outdoors, where neighbors and passersby can admire their beauty. This plant produces seeds that, when dried, can be ground up and added to delectable meals. The leaves, also known as cilantro, are used in a variety of Mexican, Asian, and Indian dishes.


  • Mint

Known as one of the freshest spring herbs, you can’t have a Spring herb garden without mint! Bask in the abundant scents this plant will bring to your front step. Pair its leaves with a drink to freshen up your lemonade or alcoholic beverage.


  • Rosemary

Perfect when paired with chicken or turkey, rosemary brings a savory and Earthy taste to any meat it is cooked with. It can also be roasted and simmered as an excellent addition to any bone broth you create as a base for a soup.


  • Oregano

Combine your basil and oregano for numerous Italian dishes. Or, top your pizza with mozzarella, garlic cloves, and basil leaves for a classic margarita pizza! Like rosemary, you can use basil as a tasty addition to any roasted meat or broth.


Make a Meal With Your Garden Herbs! 

Bring your oregano and basil inside for a tasty spaghetti sauce. Or, for a savory roasted chicken, top off your bird with a stem of rosemary! The cilantro leaves from your coriander can be ground, using an affordable Compact Personal Blender, and combined with onions, garlic, and tomatoes for a mouthwatering salsa!

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