The Ultimate Classic Christmas Movie List to Watch This year

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Christmas just doesn’t feel right unless you end the night with one of your favorite holiday movies. Not only do Christmas movies bring friends and family together, but they set the tone for a warm and cozy holiday.

Everyone has their favorite Xmas movie, but it is often a debate as to which holiday movie is considered the “best.” Well, our Comfee’ team is here to settle this dispute. Before you pick which movie you’re watching this holiday, check out our list of the top-rated best Christmas movies of 2023!

Spend Christmas 2023 With Classic Movies

Remember, a Christmas movie doesn’t have to be a brand-new film in order for it to be popular. It’s actually the older holiday movies that are highly rated and cherished by the masses. Which of the movies from our list have you seen? Is your favorite among these celebrated films? 

Top Rated Christmas Movies:

  • White Christmas: Most of us aren’t surprised to see this one on the list! Responsible for many of the Christmas songs we listen to today, White Christmas is a must-watch every single year. 

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Known as one of the most controversial “Christmas” movies, this Tim Burton clay animation brings Halloween and Christmas together in a heartwarming tale. 

  • A Christmas Story: Although it was filmed in 1983, this movie still tops the charts as one of the most watched Xmas movies. Many families love having this movie playing in the background as they open gifts. 

  • Gremlins: They’re cute, they’re festive, and they’re scary! Although Gremlins can be considered a horror movie, it takes place during the holidays. It’s a great film to watch if you’re craving an unconventional Christmas flick! 

  • Elf: Actor Will Ferrell won everyone’s hearts in this hilariously heart-touching Christmas film about an elf trying to find his way back to Santa Clause. You’ll be laughing from beginning to end with this one. 

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