Benefits of Eating Seasonal Foods


You may have heard your doctors or health professionals talk about “eating in season,” referring to eating foods that grow naturally during that time of year. Cycling your diet with the seasons might sound like a bunch of bologna, but there are actually a ton of health benefits that come with it. 

Keep in mind that seasonal eating will vary depending on where in the world you live, so be sure to do some research before getting started. A good rule of thumb is to buy your produce locally if possible; go to farmer’s markets or produce stands where their products are fresh, and you’ll usually be getting seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you need a little help getting started, think of this as a seasonal produce guide.

Seasonal Nutrition

The benefits of eating seasonal food are endless! Make seasonal smoothies with the Comfee Personal Blender or challenge yourself to a family cookoff using the Comfee Air Fryer. Not only are these fun ways to mix up your diet and get plenty of variety in your day-to-day, but some of the benefits of eating seasonal foods are:

  • Better Taste

When you find something that was just picked off the tree, it’s going to taste so much better than the same thing that has been sitting in stores or getting transported for weeks. Fresher, seasonal fruits and vegetables will always be more enjoyable to eat.

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  • Higher Nutritional Value

Fresh fruit that is in season will have higher nutritional content, making it healthier than produce that is out of season. The difference between seasonal and off-season vegetables and fruits is massive when it comes to health. 

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  • More Cost-Effective

Believe it or not, produce that’s in season and grown nearby will be much cheaper than fruit that was imported from a different place. Those transportation costs don’t have to be passed down to the customer if you buy local when you can.

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  • Less Harmful Chemicals

To preserve fruits and veggies for the long journey to another continent or even just across the country, many chemicals and preservatives are used. Did you know the average grocery store apple was pulled from the tree a YEAR ago?! Imagine all the chemicals that it’s covered in to keep it looking grocery store ready…

Having Fun with the Seasons

If you need more reasons to get started on your seasonal foods list, cycling through different produce throughout the year will keep cooking exciting. If you live in North America, your summers can be filled with salads full of fruits and your winters are a great time to enjoy squash soups or roasted winter veggies. Our favorite way to cook soups is in the Comfee Pressure Cooker – they’ll be done faster than you believe and filled with so much flavor!

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