6 Best Foods for Dewy, Beautiful Skin

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Vitamin C is an antioxidant with many skin benefits, including neutralizing free radicals, helping reduce inflammation in the body, and aiding in collagen synthesis. Skip buying expensive vitamin C skin products and eat the below vitamin C-rich foods for glowing skin!

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  • Lemon

What better way to boost your vitamin C intake than by including citrus fruits? Lemons are very beneficial for skin health. They can help eliminate dark spots, acne, minimal scarring, and more. They also help create a dewy appearance. You can easily add lemon to your diet by squeezing fresh lemon into water or tea daily.

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Should you decide to squeeze extra lemon juice for lemon water over the next few days, remember to refrigerate it for a longer shelf life. You can keep it in a Mini Refrigerator if your kitchen can’t fit a full-sized fridge.

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another delicious food for glowing skin. They feature vitamin C and carotenoids, which have been shown to help protect your skin from the sun. Carotenoids can also potentially help you avoid wrinkles. Tomatoes are excellent in salads, sauces, and seafood dishes.

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  • Oranges

Another fruit from the citrus family, oranges, are also rich in vitamin C. They also contain citrus oils, which will help your skin stay hydrated. Additionally, when you eat oranges, they can help build up your collagen levels. Add ½ an orange (or more) to your breakfast to help get rid of dull skin.

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  • Grapefruit

½ of this sour citrus fruit, and you'll have consumed 50% of the recommended vitamin C for the day. Grapefruit has many benefits, including reducing inflammation which can help with acne and rosacea. It can also help with skin pigmentation, like dark spots. Eat at least ½ of grapefruit each day to brighten your skin.

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  • Cucumbers

Cucumbers contain vitamins C and K, beneficial for glowing, hydrated skin. It's also full of antioxidants and naturally cools and soothes the skin. You can slice up some cucumber for a snack. Or, create a spa day by placing a few slices over your eyes to help with puffiness.

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  • Avocados

Vitamin E and C are present in avocados, which work together to help create strong, healthy skin and protect it from oxidative damage. They’re also full of healthy fats, which make your skin look supple. Add a few slices to a sandwich or omelet as an easy way to include avocados in your meals.


If you're unsure how to add the above foods for glowing skin into your diet, try combining a few of them into a delicious smoothie. You can create healthy smoothies with a Compact Personal Blender. Compared to traditional blenders, this version will take up less space on the counters. Plus, it can have your vitamin C-rich smoothie ready in seconds!

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