Make the Holiday Special with These Traditional Easter 2023 Foods

Easter eggs in the shape of bunnies

Helping us reign in the warmer seasons, Easter Day is a favorite childhood holiday for many. Despite this special day having religious origins, most children and families remember this holiday for its mascot, the Easter Bunny, and the baskets of toys and candy often handed out.

In fact, it’s possible that most adults can look back on this holiday with fond memories of Easter egg hunting and opening plastic eggs to find the mystery candy inside. Although we think of Thanksgiving as the true “food” holiday, Easter celebrations are mostly circled around traditional dishes.

Whether you celebrate this holiday for religious reasons or you are just in it for the fun activities, check out our Comfee’ guide to traditional Easter 2023 foods!

Taste Test Some Traditional Easter Foods

From stories of Peter Rabbit to the day-before anticipation of all of the delicious treats to be enjoyed, Easter Day is a holiday we all look forward to each year. Although it is often thought of as a children’s holiday, there’s plenty for adults to enjoy in terms of traditional foods to savor.

  • Roasted Lamb

Nothing says “traditional Easter dinner” like roasted lamb with baked potatoes, carrots, and onions. If your family isn’t a fan of lamb, you can always cook a turkey in its place! Either way, a roasted meat entree really sets the tone for a cozy holiday meal.

Roasted Lamb

  • Carrot Cake

Everyone knows that you can’t expect the Easter bunny to visit if you don’t have carrot cake! Bake your carrot cake the night before and enjoy this delicious treat all throughout Easter Day. Also, you get bonus points if you actually use shredded carrots in the dough of your cake for extra color, moisture, and flavor.

Carrot Cake

  • Easter Morning Tea

As a child, you may remember your parents and grandparents sitting at the table, enjoying a cup of tea and baked goods on a crisp Eastern morning. To boil the perfect cup of tea, we suggest using a Glass Electric Kettle and then selecting your favorite tea flavor. There’s truly nothing more refreshing than sipping tea and preparing for the day’s festivities!

Easter Morning Tea

You Can’t Forget the Easter Candies! 

Common to come in plastic easter eggs and often found hidden in the garden, chocolate candies are probably the oldest traditional foods consumed on Easter. It’s one of the top things we all look forward to each Easter holiday— getting to shamelessly eat as much chocolate as we desire.

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