How to make your refrigerator last longer? Ways to Extend Your Fridge’s Life

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When you purchase a home refrigerator, you're hoping for a long lifespan as it's a big investment. Following the tips below, you can learn how to extend your fridge's life.

How long does a refrigerator last?

Understanding the average lifespan of a fridge or freezer refrigerator is key to knowing how to extend its lifespan. This note holds, regardless of whether you choose a full-size fridge or a mini Comfee fridge.

Average Lifespan

A regular refrigerator will generally last a minimum of 10 years. A refrigerator with a freezer has a lifespan of closer to 13 years. However, proper care and precautions can extend the lifeline of your appliance. It's important to note that before you buy refrigerator options for your home, you check into the company which makes your fridge.

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Some fridge companies have a longer or shorter lifespan. By researching the company you’re purchasing your appliance from, you’ll find the best refrigerator for your needs and have insight into the lifespan.

Lifespan Exceptions

Of course, there are always exceptions to how long a fridge lasts. For example, if you continuously leave the fridge door open even when the alarm sounds, you can shorten the life of your fridge. There are also occasions when you take good care of your fridge, which lasts much longer than expected.

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When should you replace the refrigerator?

Multiple warning signs alert you when you need to replace your full-size or mini fridge. Normally, fridges do not give out all at once. Instead, they will start malfunctioning and losing efficiency over time.

For example, you may notice that your fridge begins having trouble maintaining a constant temperature or if it doesn't stay at the temperature you set. This is a sign that it's time to get a new fridge, like the Comfee retro refrigerators, which offer many benefits, like a freezer (even in the mini-fridge options).

How to extend the average lifespan of a refrigerator?

The below notes will help you get the most out of your fridge by extending the average lifespan.

  • Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to extending the life of your fridge. This maintenance includes regularly checking the temperature. If you’re continuously monitoring the state of your fridge, you’ll know when you need to contact a technician. Other maintenance includes cleaning the coils, ensuring the seals on the doors work correctly, and keeping the fridge's interior clean.

Cleaning your fridge should be a regular occurrence, as it will help you avoid food poisoning and help your fridge work optimally.

  • Keeping the Fridge Efficient

Keeping your fridge clean ties in with energy efficiency. By ensuring the coils, gaskets, and vents are clean; you're allowing the fridge to work properly and let heat out. The fridge won't need to work overtime if the heat can dissipate properly. A more efficient fridge is a longer-lasting fridge.

Luckily, Comfee refrigerators are easy to clean, regardless of their size, due to their sleek exterior.

  • Change the Part

Don’t wait to change parts in a fridge. If you notice something is not properly working, fix it asap or call a technician to fix it. This includes changing parts like the water filter, which you should change every six months.


The above tips will ensure your fridge lasts longer, so you can skip replacing them frequently. This applies to fridges regardless of refrigerator size. You can also use these tips on a fridge you use as a beverage cooler.

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