All You Need to Know About Friendsgiving 2022

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As Thanksgiving 2022 approaches, many of us are starting to think about how we can spend the holidays with our closest friends. After all, friends are the family members we get to choose! 

From nostalgic storytelling of past fond memories to eating a dinner that was lovingly curated as a group effort, Friendsgiving gatherings are a time to celebrate friendship. Here at Comfee’, we understand the importance of friendship and appreciating those closest to us.

Check out all of the information you need this Thanksgiving season about Friendsgiving and how to host your own event! 

What Does Friendsgiving Mean?

The concept of Friendsgiving is quite simple! It’s a Thanksgiving celebration with your friends, as opposed to just family. While Thanksgiving is reserved for immediate family members, Friendsgiving tends to include more activities you would typically do with friends, such as games, cocktails, and storytelling.

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When Did Friendsgiving Start?

The term “Friendsgiving” was first used in the early 2000s as millennials were seeking a word to describe gathering with friends for a Thanksgiving meal. Although the word was informally used for quite a while, it didn’t appear in written form until a Twitter post in 2007.

How Do You Host A Friendsgiving Party?

As it turns out, hosting a Friendsgiving party is very similar to any other house gathering event. Here is our simple step-by-step guide to hosting a Friendsgiving party, including fun Friendsgiving 2022 ideas:

  • Send an invitation to all of your friends you want to attend.
  • Provide a written description of the fun activities your friends and expect from the event.
  • Through social media, request for your friends to sign up to bring a dish.
  • Consider signing up to supply the main entrees (turkey, ham, etc.).
  • Create a fun, secret party favor for every guest or a Thanksgiving-themed cocktail for your friends to enjoy over dinner.
  • Prepare your home for guests and cook your entree before they arrive.
  • Enjoy your Friendsgiving celebration!

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Prepare the Best Friendsgiving Dishes

From delectable desserts such as pumpkin pie and peach cobbler to savory dishes like turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole, Friendsgiving is about making food your friends will be talking about for months to come! 

Our celebrated Comfee’ appliances were designed to support your Friendsgiving dish dreams! Check out our selection of aesthetically-pleasing toaster ovens, air fryers, and more to ensure you have everything you need for Friendsgiving 2022.

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