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Memorable Christmas Beef Stew Recipes with Comfee Pressure Cooker

With Christmas coming just around the corner, it’s necessary that we should start whipping up some good food for the holidays. But making good food doesn't have to be complicated. With easy pressure cooker recipes, you can easily create holiday favorites for Christmas time.

In this guide, we'll show you how easy it is to make beef stew in a pressure cooker. So fret not because we'll be guiding you throughout your cooking journey, especially if it's your first time to use an instant pot.

Easy pressure cooker recipes

How to Make Beef Stew in a Pressure Cooker

If you're making a memorable and delicious Christmas beef stew for the holidays, here is a pressure cooker beef stew recipe you can follow below, including the ingredients you need, the equipment you'll use, and instructions you can follow to cook the recipe.


  • Two pounds of beef stew meat
  • Salt and crushed black pepper
  • One tbsp. vegetable oil
  • One tsp. butter
  • One cup onion, diced
  • Two 14.5 oz. cans of beef broth
  • One 14.5 oz can of crushed tomatoes
  • Two tbsps. dried parsley
  • Two pcs. of bay leaves
  • Ten small-sized potatoes, washed and quartered
  • Three large carrots, sliced into one-half inch pieces
  • Two ribs celery, sliced into one-half inch pieces
  • One-fourth cup all-purpose flour
  • One-fourth cup cold water

To your liking, you may also add some optional ingredients for your beef stew below:

  • One cup of frozen corn
  • One-half cup frozen peas


Cooking Equipment

  • A Comfee pressure cooker. It is basically 9 kitchen appliances into one and is not just a pressure cooker. In fact, you can even make yogurt, cake, eggs, and rice with it. Furthermore, you can even use it as a slow cooker, sauté pan, food warmer, and steamer.
  • A small bowl
  • A spoon

How to make beef stew with Comfee pressure cooker


  • First, pour some olive oil into the Comfee pressure cooker and place it in sauté mode. Once the oil starts sizzling, put in your meat and all your seasonings.
  • Keep cooking the meat until it starts to brown on each side.
  • Next, pour your beef broth into your instant spot. Using a spoon, start scraping the brown bits found at the base of your instant pot.
  • You can now add your garlic, onion, carrots, potatoes, worcestershire sauce, and crushed tomatoes.
  • Afterward, put the lid and steam valve back into your pressure cooker. Place your pressure cooker on high pressure for about thirty-five minutes.
  • After cooking your beef stew on high pressure for thirty-five minutes, let its pressure out on its own for ten minutes. After that, you can now carry out a quick release.
  • Finally, you can add your cornstarch slurry into your beef stew. Do this by mixing corn starch in a bowl filled with cold water.

Voila! There you have it. You now have a delicious beef stew made with little to no hassle.

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